Here are a few troubleshooting tips that seem to be the most commonly used:

Hearing lots of vibrations when you're riding the hoverboard, Why it's probably happening, and What you should do:
If you feel any kind of vibrations while riding your hoverboard, it is because there isn't an even distribution of pressure along the footpad. This means that self-balancing cannot take place and results in a lack of stability. The weight requirement for this board is 25 kgs so if you are below this limit then switch off the device immediately to avoid falls or injuries! To reduce vibration, step on with feet placed as indicated by manufacturer guidelines - knees bent slightly distribute pressure evenly among all pads
Is your hoverboard being charged properly?
To charge your hoverboard, plug the charger into an outlet and then connect it to one of the ports at its base. When you do this, a light on both ends should come up. This means that they are drawing electricity from each other; however when fully charged all lights will turn off telling you that there is no more power being drawn between them or in simple words - charging completed! Just like with mobile phones batteries don't last forever so make sure not overcharge them by leaving plugged for too long (overcharging can lead to shortening their lifespan).
Now let's talk about how exactly does it work... To understand better let us take our example here: Imagine we have two ropes tied together but still separate essentially having volume yet empty
Your hoverboard goes crazy and starts making beeping sounds, and flashing red lights. What should you do?
If your hoverboard is beeping and flashing red lights, you might have fallen off or there was an unexpected dismount. This happens because the sensors on the board are disturbed when this occurs. You can solve it by hitting the reset button though!
Continuous beeping sounds from the hoverboard could indicate that you were going too fast:
Our hoverboards are designed with consumer safety in mind. We have a speed alarm in place that beeps when you go at speeds higher than 10 km/h. If you're riding the hoverboard, pushing the boundaries of speed, and you hear beeping sounds, all you need to do is slow down a bit till the beeping stops, and then continue going at that speed.
Why isn't your hoverboard switching ON?
The only reason a hoverboard won't switch ON is if the battery level is too low. Check the light on the battery. If the battery is too low, charge it up for a couple of hours. Try switching on the hoverboard now. If it beeps, it means that it's switched on. If it doesn't, you should probably try contacting us through our Contact Us page.